How LinkNYC is driving citizen engagement

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With more than 6 millions users, LinkNYC is continually being proven as a valuable addition to New York City. Here, we look at some of the engaging content initiatives featuring special events, local artists, and holiday celebrations that grab the attention of passers-by.  


New York City is filled with both artists and inspiration for artistry--the cityscape provides countless opportunities for imaginings and reimaginings.  What better way, then, to introduce New Yorkers to innovative technology than with local artists’ interpretations of the city they love? The #ArtOnLink initiative brings together New York City artists and LinkNYC in a fusion that makes the city more accessible and beautiful.  Artists like Julia Rothman, Nathan Pyle, and José Guizar all contributed works that depict their vision of New York City--and making that city more beautiful in the process.  Samir Saini, Commissioner of the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications, put it best: “LinkNYC is a quintessentially New York initiative, so it’s fitting that more than 1,600 kiosks will showcase city-centric art made by local artists over the next year.”

Valentine’s Day Surprise

Part of what makes NYC great is how connected its residents feel to the city.  Being a New Yorker is totally unique identity--the city belongs to them just as much as they belong to the city.  That’s why LinkNYC’s Valentine’s Day initiative is so genius. For Valentine’s 2019, LinkNYC announced a “Valentine’s Surprise” for lucky New Yorkers--the chance to feature their Valentine on a LinkNYC kiosk!  By tagging their loved ones on Instagram with a special LinkNYC hashtag, New Yorkers had the chance to put their Valentine on kiosks across the city--bridging the joy of the holiday with the love that New Yorkers have for their home.

Participatory Budgeting

LinkNYC isn’t just fun and games; it’s also a powerful tool for public engagement.  In an effort to reach constituents across the city, the New York City Council has developed a participatory budgeting initiative using LinkNYC.  The initiative allows the public in participating districts to vote on how to spend $1,000,000 of the city’s annual budget, bridging the gap between government and constituents.  Through the participatory budgeting program, New Yorkers can propose and then vote on projects that can improve parks, schools, libraries, and other public spaces. The ability to reach a wider variety of people, so that the government can better respond to their needs, is granted by LinkNYC’s open-source nature.  The public can engage with the city in a whole new way.

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